International Crew Manning Agency

PRIMA DHANI BAHARI is an overseas recruitment and placement agency was founded and established in December 2010. We started operations in recruiting and placement Indonesian seamen for national and foreign vessels to our Clients around Asia. Now we become a professional crew manning agency and crew management in rendering services for local and foreign fishing vessels, shipping carriers and cruise liner.

We have been granted an Overseas Recruitment and Placement agency permit issued by the government of The REPUBLIK INDONESIA to recruit, process and deploy qualified Indonesian contract workers for its principal and Clients.


We offers crewing services to the highest standards, in accordance with STCW ’95, a comprehensive mandatory course imposed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Shipping Management (ISM), the candidates in fully hold STCW ’95 According to IMO Regulation. We perform our duty in an efficient manner with qualified Indonesian seafarers at all ranks for:


Service vessel type:

  1. Container Ship.
  2. Bulk Carrier.
  3. Cement Carrier.
  4. General Cargo Ship.
  5. Reefer Cargo Ship.
  6. Oil Tanker.
  7. Chemical Tanker.
  8. Passenger Ship.
  9. Passenger and Cargo Combine Ship.
  10. Tugboat.
  11. Fishing Ship.


Our mission is to focus on the core competencies of our seafarers to meet and match the requirement, develop and protect the interests of our Clients. To meet profit expectations and secure satisfying work environment between our employers. Provide an equal opportunity employment for our Indonesian Seafarers.


  1. PRIMA DHANI BAHARI provides its Principles and Clients the highly skilled and qualified Indonesian Seafarers. To meet this standard, our trained recruiting team screens all the selection of crew at all ranks. Apart from reference checks, preliminary testing, trade test, and personal interviews preliminary. These Crewmembers are product of the finest maritime Schools and Training Centers in Indonesia.






We select and prepare all ranks of our Candidates to get qualified crew members for our Clients


  • Recruitment and selection


Our team matches Seafarers who are available to vessels they previously worked on, and Our Clients get benefit from re-employing crews familiar with the vessels, the procedures and the policies. Before the new name of the Seafarers can be added to our database, the qualification and experience are verified and cross-referenced with previous employers, government agencies, and other organization to ensure that they are true. In additional, the seafarers’ professional attitude and behavior is assessed

Through interviewed by our personal.


  • Document and Certificates


All documents and certificates are carefully verified to ensure the qualifications are valid and original. Training certificates comply with the IMO (International Maritime Organization), ILO (International Labor Organization), the STCW ’95 convention, and the ISM-code. The documents and certificates are proper for the crew positions and type of vessels for which the seafarers have been hired.


  • Medical Examination


Medical and Dental Examination Procedure done by the Accredited Medical Clinic or Hospital. Examinations and tests are: Physical examination, Chest x ray, Blood pressure, Urinalysis and stool examination, Dental check, Visual acuity and color perception using the Ishihara test.

The Examination can be added, including for Drug and Alcohol, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis antigen, kidney and bladder ultrasound, and others company requires, as  well as vaccinations for seafarers on vessels trading in specific areas.



  • Ticketing and Deployment


As soon as the seafarers are ready to board, we communicate with the Employer to provide the air ticket required. Either by E-Ticket or cash transfer that equivalent to the Airfare approved.


  • As part of our service, we ask the Master of a vessel to send all trans Maritime regular reports of each seafarer we provide. Evaluate their performance, competence and behavior. The performance monitoring will fully help us in assessing each seafarer and selecting the crew members.